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Land or water?.... BOTH!

RQ_Version amphibian!♥
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Random questions amphibian Style: RQ_VERSIONAMPHIBIAN!

!!!ONLY ICONS, NOT posts, have to be amphibian related)!!!

RULES @ bottom
(yes, we have rules, but we aren't a pain about them (like the mods of some other RQ spinoffs) *and hopefully that's the most drama you'll hear here, since we are the kinder(as far as mods go) rq_alternative)

button for your info:

on to info/promotion;

Is that your tail? Or are you just happy to see me?
We love flies and we are fly!
Leapin' Lizards!

If you like the sobe drinks-Join!
Kermit the frog? -Join!
Smacks cereal -Join!
you get the point

you won't find any dead dolphin icons here(unless a amphibian killed it)
or santa hat icons (unless an amphibian chooses to wear/eat/whatever one,
just Kickin' Amphibian icons!
Cause we're better anyway!

A.F.N.T.A.I (the Alliance for New Trendy Amphibian Icons)

it all started with this:
http://www.livejournal.com/community/rq_version2/2004/06/29/ (warning drama in this link)

The community rules are as follows:

All ICONS must be amphibian related (OTHER subject POST ARE OK)

All posts MUST be in question form. Any post not in the form of a question will be deleted. No exceptions at any time.

Don't disable comments. Posts with the comment feature disabled will be deleted without notice. No exceptions.

Do NOT ask about hosting (images, files, etc). Information on file and image hosting can be found using a search engine.

Should a post not be appropriate for a work or school environment, please put it behind an LJ cut tag.
Should a post be full of pictures or anything that may clutter up someone's friends page, please cut it! Instructions on how to use the LJ cut can be found in faqs. Any post violating this rule is subject to being deleted without notice. Should a picture that is entirely too inappropriate be posted without a cut and warning, the post will be deleted and the user making the post will probably be warned or banned. We don't want anyone fired from work or in trouble at school or to scar any small children/amphibians.

If you need help doing your homework or other topical research, you should always try a search engine before coming here.

Flaming is NOT against the rules. If you join this community, bring your sense of humor or what you need to handle such. ONLY harassment with lead to banning.

Anything that is against the LJ Terms of Service is against the rules here, too.

Do NOT advertise/promote communities or websites here. (UNLESS under a reply that relates entirely) if someone doesn't like the ad, remove it please, or warning and banning might happen.

Do NOT create an account strictly to harrass or mock another member. On the same token, do NOT take an icon belonging to another member and/or alter it (without permission) of member of the community. Anyone caught doing such a thing will be warned/banned from the community. IP logging is friend to moderators everywhere, RQ is no exception.

HAVE fun,
remember the rules are here to protect the members
not harass them

and uniquelynormal is not allowed =p