play us some tasty licks, ladies (rubarabadom) wrote in rq_v_amphibian,
play us some tasty licks, ladies

Stupid RQ

RQ has gotten all Nazified. I'm angry that ferretsnax and happyxfoetus were banned.

I posted the following: I noticed that another RQer has THE SAME EXACT ISP AS ME!!

Am I in danger of being BANNED?

Guess what? It was deleted!!

I've posted another question about has anyone else had a post deleted when they broke no rule.

Sad times in the land of RQ. Appearantly, the "click" doesn't like me and the mods don't like me. Oh noes! Can I be long for the RQ=world?

I haven't been enjoying it there nearly as much lately. Too many n00bs and lots of old-timers staying away. Guess that's a hint to me.

Plus asura is simply a Hitler wannabe.

My Hitler is so much cooler!!!

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